Talketh calls

Talketh can call any landline or mobile phone in the world, i.e. a "phone call". Unlike WhatsApp etc. which can only call other WhatsApp users i.e. an "app call". Talketh can also make free "app calls" with the benefit of using significantly less data than WhatsApp etc. [ref]. So, if you pay per MB of celluar data then Talketh is cheaper than WhatsApp etc. However, if you're on Wi-Fi and and your friend/family is on also Wi-Fi, then use WhatsApp, because, hey, it's pretty good at that!

Initial setup

Download the Talketh app from the App Store [iOS]/[Android]. Install the app, and when prompted, set a password to protect your new blockchain private key that Talketh just created & stored on your phone. You will then be assigned a unique virtual phone number with the format +1-555-xxx-xxxx. That's it, no SMS verification, no email verification, no KYC steps, no GPS location etc. Talketh knows absolutely nothing about you and prefers to keep it that way!

Make a free phone call using BAT

Just redeem your BATs for free Talketh call credit!

  1. Install the Brave browser to earn BAT rewards.
  2. Once you have some BAT in your Brave Rewards wallet, you can transfer them to your Uphold wallet.
  3. On Uphold, tap the "Brave Browser" icon, then tap "Send to Cryptocurrency or Utility Token".
  4. Now, tap "BAT" as the currency to send.
  5. Enter Talkeths wallet 0x37190e277ef2ebb1f0ec0c689f98b9e9c09684f5 as the destination token address, fill in the amount of BAT to transfer and then click Confirm.
  6. Wait for the transaction to be executed by Uphold on the Ethereum network and then Uphold will show you their unique "ReserveChain Transaction ID" for your BAT transfer.
  7. Next, open the Talketh app, go to the Me screen and tap "Blockchain", enter the Uphold "ReserveChain Transaction ID" in the field and tap Redeem.

That's it! Wait a few moments for the transaction to be executed by Talketh and you wll receive a notification inside your Talketh app to confirm the amount redeemed and Talketh auto-updates the number of call minutes that you can use to call anywhere in the world!

Can I redeem BAT rewards without an Uphold account?

As of March 2020, the only way to redeem BAT is by using Uphold. The Brave.com team are working with other wallet providers and you can follow their progress on Reddit. As soon as other BAT redemption methods become available, then the Talketh team will get to work to support them!

How much call credit will 1 BAT get me?

At the time of redemption, BAT will be converted by Talketh to ETH at the prevailing exchange rate from coinmarketcap.com. Then this amount of ETH will be credited to your Talketh +1-555-xxx-xxxx balance as call minutes.

For example, let's assume 1 BAT is worth 0.001 ETH and this, in turn, is worth $0.20. Now, if the Talketh wholesale operator charges $0.01 per minute to call the USA, then 1 BAT will get you 20 minutes of talk time to the USA for your $0.20. However, if you wish to call Peru, which costs Talketh $0.03 per minute, then 1 BAT will get you 6 minutes of talk time for your $0.20. What's cool though is that if the value of BAT goes up, then Talketh users will get even more call-credit! Check out Talkeths' rates in the app, they are amongst the cheapest in the world and Talketh calls have superb quality!

Why blockchain?

Blockchain allows Talketh to reach the unbanked. Simple as that. There's no other way that billions of people can pay for affordable phone calls directly from their smartphone. Of course, people can pay their incumbent telecoms operator for calls but these can be very expensive, particularly in emerging markets, and can also be prohibitively expensive to call outside of the incumbent operators network or state. This is where Talketh sits.

  1. Got Wi-Fi and so does your friend/family, use WhatsApp or something like it.
  2. Got 4G with an "unlimited" data package and so does your friend/family, use WhatsApp or something like it!
  3. On a 2G/3G network or need to call a landline, cell phone or international phone number, then consider Talketh!

For example, according to numbeo 1 minute of talk time in Peru costs up to $0.17; on Talketh it's only $0.03. Check out Talkeths' rates in the app, you will be pleasantly surprised!

Get unmatched performance, security and privacy

Unlike WhatsApp etc. Talketh never, ever sends your phones' contacts to a Talketh server and Talketh never sells your activity and data to the highest bidder! In other words, "you are not the product"! Talketh knows nothing about you, however, Talketh does request access to your phones' contacts in order to allow you to find a number to dial more easily. If you prefer to type-in the number to dial, then Talketh does not need access to your phones' contacts.

What's the commercial model?

Talkeths income comes solely from call-credit top-ups and this revenue is used to finance the operation of the Talketh telecoms network and to pay US dollars to the wholesale telecoms operators that Talketh uses to route its phone calls.

Recover your account

Export your password protected keys to safe storage in case you ever need to reinstall Talketh. You will need this in future in case you ever need to recover your +155-xxxxxxx number and associated call-credits.

If you fail to save your keystore, then you will have to install Talketh again and get a new +1-555-xxx-xxxx number, we simply can't help without your keystore.

Talketh support does not know or store any users' keys on its servers. So, please backup your keystore!

Where is Talketh based?

Switzerland. You can contact us at servicedesk@talketh.io.

How will Talketh scale to millions of users?

Talketh runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud. When more virtual machines are required to handle increased telecoms traffic then we automatically "spin them up". When network load reduces then we "spin them down". Azure is a very elastic network and Talketh leverages this amazing feature to best serve our users.

What's Talketh "Trade" for?

The "Trade" button on the Talketh.io homepage allows some users to sell Talkeths native VOX tokens for ETH on the Talketh decentralized-exchange, https://talketh.io/dex, the "DEX". VOX tokens are Talkeths own in-app rewards and are awarded to users each time they top-up their account using one of our scratch-cards or using BATs. 1 VOX, or pro-rated part thereof, per $10 top-up value. However, there is a "small catch" on the DEX as, due to circumstances beyond our control, the Swiss financial regulator requires that anyone wishing to sell VOX tokens for ETH on the Talketh DEX must first undergo KYC checks by the Company. Apologies for any inconvenience that this may cause, but the law is the law! We recommend simply redeeming your VOX rewards for more Talketh call-credit. And, you'll be glad to know that redeeming VOX for Talketh call-credit does not require a KYC check!