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Blockchain technology is designed to be financially inclusive thanks to its decentralized nature. There ought not to be any central organization controlling individual access to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Sometimes such new approaches are not welcomed by governments or traditional financial institutions leading to forced technological exclusion in some countries. However, in the world of the unbanked, blockchain could turn out to be a lifesaver.

Before Talketh, a person was required to have a credit (or debit) card and/or a bank account in order to use digital payments to purchase call credit using PayPal or iTunes etc. Being unbanked meant that digital payments were not available to you.

Talketh is the world's first Internet telephone app that accepts cryptographic call credit from the blockchain.

Our users will not need a bank account to avail of the financial benefits that low-cost telephony can bring to them personally, and in their business dealings.

The unbanked were previously not able to contribute to the explosive growth in Internet telephony… that is, until Talketh!


For Talketh to make Internet telephone calls a reality for the unbanked, a new cellular-optimized technology was required to ensure high-quality Internet calls could be delivered on legacy cellular Internet connections; especially those found in emerging economies.

Traditional Internet telephone such as Skype consume too much capacity to be viable on existing cellular data networks; except perhaps for those fortunate enough to have 4G. The reality is that in 2017, 4G availability in emerging economies remains incredibly low2:

Cellular Internet Technology Penetration in Emerging Economies
Region 2G 3G 4G
Sub-Saharan Africa 60% 36% 4%
Middle-East & North Africa 46% 45% 9%
Latin America 34% 43% 23%
South East Asia 41% 25% 34%

Talketh delivers Internet calling using our patented technology invented by us to meet the need for affordable calls on all of the world's cellular data networks.

The Talketh app works reliably on 2G, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi data networks.


Experience counts! We invented the world's most efficient Internet calling technology in 2010 in Zug, Switzerland. For eight years, we've been delivering commercial voice solutions to some of the world's largest cellular operators, focused on emerging economies.

In other words, we are the real deal!

With the advent of the Ethereum blockchain, we believe that, together with our VOX token, we are the perfect company to deliver a blockchain-powered Internet calling service to the world’s unbanked and data under-served.

And, for the first time in history, an unbanked person is now able to avail of digital access to call credit, thanks to the VOX token on the blockchain, and then make affordable Internet calls using the Talketh platform… irrespective of their cellular data network. This is the true USP of Talketh.

NOW is the time for us to come together to expand this perfect combination; blockchain and mobile Internet telephony... TALKETH


We operate a profitable Swiss software business. We possess the right mix of excitement for new technologies and the experience to control costs and remain competitive for our platform users. Traits that we nurture every business day