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Tokens Price TGE Proceeds
2,500,000 CHF 0.60 CHF 1,500,000
10,000,000 CHF 0.85 CHF 8,500,000
25,000,000 CHF 1.00 CHF 25,000,000
CHF 35,000,000

Talketh plans to acquire 500,000 subscribers in the first full year of operations and a further 750,000 in our second year. We will create additional regional distribution channels for our service in emerging economies and expand our world-class telephony data-centre infrastructure to cater for our growing communications needs as we on-board subscribers.

Use of Proceeds in Years 1 and 2 Amount
Advertising and Marketing
Africa & Middle-East, Latin America + South East Asia
(CHF 13,500,000)
Cloud Infrastructure Expansion
Americas, Europe, Africa + South East Asia
(CHF 8,000,000)
Team Expansion (Salaries)
Sales & Marketing
Research & Development
Management, Accounts, Legal & Compliance
(CHF 7,000,000)
Working Capital
Selling, General and Administrative Expenses
Expand regional distribution channels
Bulk pre-payment of Minutes, SMS and Number Rental
(CHF 6,000,000)
Token Generation Event Costs
Legal, compliance, marketing & promotional materials
Direct marketing; social media, banners, paid articles
(CHF 500,000)
(CHF 35,000,000)
Source of Proceeds Amount
TGE Proceeds CHF 35,000,000
(CHF 35,000,000)


In delivering a communications platform to the unbanked and the data under-served Talketh is positioned to become the "go to" communications solution in emerging economies as it solves a real-world problem at a fraction of the price currently being paid3.

We expect significant user growth given the network effect of users that need our service will drive others to join our community in order to be part of the same eco-system as their loved ones and regional business contacts.

Furthermore, being rewarded with free VOX tokens when a user tops up Talketh is a unique selling point, as it has the potential to further reduce users' call costs and drive usage.

The pay-as-you-go Internet calling market in developed economies is clear and Talketh is ideally positioned to deliver the next generation of pay-as-you-go mobile communications to the unbanked and the data under-served all over the world.


The market for commercial Internet telephone services is expected to grow to $140 billion4 by 2021. Internet telephony on smartphones alone Is forecast to have a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of ~28%5 from 2016-2020.
3) 4) 5)

By using our commercial know-how to manage wholesale calling costs and leveraging our telecommunication Cloud infrastructure we are set to create a new pay-as-you-go communications concept throughout the worlds emerging economies.

Our expectation is to acquire the following number of Talketh pay-as-you-go subscribers:

New Subscribers Cumulative Subscribers
End of Year 1 500,000
End of Year 2 +750,000 1,250,000
End of Year 3 +1,000,000 2,250,000
End of Year 4 +1,250,000 3,500,000
End of Year 5 +1,500,000 5,000,000