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Talketh is ambitious with its plans around the use of blockchain technology as an enabler for the unbanked. Our goal is to become an Internet telephone powerhouse that empowers millions of people.

We operate the Talketh communications service to ensure the value for our subscribers and VOX holders. We will manage our communications service uptime to maximize subscriber growth and to maintain the best quality telephony interconnects for our subscribers.

Who better to execute this vision than the veteran Talketh team, backed by Horizon Globex GmbH of Switzerland, with 8 years of experience in licensing commercial telecommunications software to some of the world's largest cellular operators?

We combine strong research & development expertise, marketing & sales know-how with an experienced cloud infrastructure team and we are poised to establish ourselves as one of the world's top 10 Internet telephone companies.

To make it even more attractive for our early-adopters, our generous 40% discount offer opens on the 5th September 2018! First funds, first served!

We feel that there will never be a better opportunity for blockchain utility tokens than using VOX on Talketh!