Hard Cap: 37,500,000 Tokens

Public Contribution Period: 5th September - 31st December

Last Trade: See Here

Why Blockchain?

Talketh is looking to bring the blockchain to the mass market and deliver affordable calling for everyone.

On our one-of-a-kind platform market bid liquidity is provided by the Talketh app users. App credit purchases will seamlessly buyback VOX tokens from the Talketh decentralized ERC-20 exchange "DEX".

Downside risk is protected on the Talketh exchange by setting a minimum VOX token Offer price.



Talketh is a fully developed calling app designed for the 2.3 billion smartphones stuck on older mobile networks unable to handle voice over IP calls from Skype or WhatsApp.

Talketh delivers high-quality calls to mobiles and landlines at a fraction of the price of a regular call.

Our apps frictionless blockchain on-boarding means a credit/debit card is not required to purchase call credit. Talketh calls are paid for using our new crypto scratch-cards.

Did you know?

$3.4M invested in our research and products since August 2017

We're an experienced team of 10 developers and an ex-NASDAQ CEO at the helm.

Our product is live and available for download.

Crypto scratch cards in production and regional CEO appointed in Mexico.


We aim to become the number one calling app for emerging markets.

We plan to distribute our scratch-cards throughout Latin America, Africa and South East Asia.


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