Why Blockchain?

Blockchain technology is designed to be financially inclusive thanks to its decentralized nature. There ought not to be any central organization controlling individual access to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Before Talketh, a person was required to have a credit (or debit) card and/or a bank account in order to use digital payments to purchase call credit using PayPal or iTunes etc. Being unbanked meant that digital payments were not available to you.

The unbanked were previously not able to contribute to the explosive growth in Internet telephony... that is, until Talketh!

For Talketh to make Internet telephone calls a reality for the unbanked, a new cellular-optimized technology was required to ensure high-quality Internet calls could be delivered on legacy cellular Internet connections; especially those found in emerging economies.



Talketh is a fully developed smartphone calling app designed for the 1.8 billion smartphones stuck on older mobile networks unable to handle free voice over IP calls from higher bandwidth services such as Skype or WhatsApp.

Talketh delivers high-quality phone calls to mobiles and landlines at a fraction of the cost of a regular cell-phone call.

Our apps frictionless blockchain on-boarding means a credit/debit card is not required to purchase call credit.

Talketh calls can be paid for using free Basic Attention Tokens offered inside the Brave.com browser. Users can also directly transfer the Ethereum cryptocurrency, Ether, directly to their Talketh app. Users in certain regions can also avail of our new Talketh scratch-cards. Finally, those fortunate enough to have a bank account can use Apple's in-app purchases or use PayPal on Android to purchase Talketh call-credit.

Did you know?

Talketh has invested $18.634M in "Horizon software" research and products since 2012, 10-K (page F-15)

We're an experienced team of 10 developers and an ex-NASDAQ CEO at the helm.

Our product is live and available for download.

Talketh scratch cards are already in production and we have appointed a regional CEO for Latin America.


We aim to become the number one calling app for emerging markets.

We accept BATs as call credit thereby enabling billions of unbanked users to pay for affordable call credit inside Talketh.

We plan to distribute our scratch-cards throughout Latin America, Africa and South East Asia.


Basic Attention Token "BAT" is a new system that values user attention inside the Brave.com Internet browser. It rewards and protects the user, while giving better conversion to advertisers and a higher yield to publishers.

BAT delivers a blockchain token as value that can be exchanged by Brave.com users for services and, just like Talketh, it all happens on the Ethereum blockchain.

BATs are paid out based on a users attention, which is really just focused mental engagement, and can be used to pay for phone calls on the Talketh platform.

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